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Fort Leonard Wood
Fort Leonard Wood was built in 1940 and is still an active fort used for the US Army. Recently Fort Leonard Wood has discovered they had a wayfinding problem; no one could find their room destination without walking through all the winds of the building. The Facility Manager made the decision to replace all the old signage with a new system of signage. The new signage would help everyone find their destination quickly and prevent people from getting lost in the hallways.
Old signage throughout the expansive Fort Leonard was replaced with Appenx’s complete Modular Signage package. This complete package included directory signs, ceiling grid mounted signs, department signs, flag mounted signs above the doors, ADA compliant restroom signs, and, evacuation map holders. The signs were beautifully designed to have a wood laminate facing. Additionally, many signs were designed for customization using windows for paper inserts that can printed on site using templates supplied by Appenx. The new signage system provide a much needed visual road-map for anyone entering this facility. The Facility Manager and Staff were delighted to have wayfinding that perfectly combined function and style.